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    Shimazaki Nobunaga; Suzuki Tatsuhisa


Suzuki: That time, after we recorded for the last episode of Free!, we went out to eat right? And then after that, we went home pretty early. When I got home, I checked my phone and saw that there was a message from Nobunaga saying, “Thanks for today and your hard work on the last episode! I am indebted!" When I read that, I thought about replying,but just as I thought to do it, what I did was shut my phone off and ignored your message. I thought, "Ah! so this is like “breaking in” huh? So, if I don’t reply to his message, I wonder how would Nobunaga feel? Would he feel bothered? Nah, he’s just the type to get bothered by that! Interesting! Then I won’t reply!!!

Shimazaki: So that’s why?! I was wondering because Tatsuhisa-san definitely always replies to my messages every after recording!

Suzuki: That was the case up until now, right?

Shimazaki: Yes!

Suzuki: Yeah, so I thought, “So this is really what they call “breaking in” huh~?

Shimazaki: So that’s why… I… I admit I was really bothered by it! I was like, “Hey, this is weird… Tatsuhisa-san definitely always replies to my messages…did I say something weird?! Or maybe I said something rude?!”, but then after a while of thinking, “Ah, no, maybe something came up so he didn’t reply!

Suzuki: That’s why, I’ve said this so many time before, you really are my dog!

Shimazaki: Yes! Woof!

If you guys noticed, I have already posted this before, but I just had to repost because of this recent article about Zakki in JUNON magazine…


The article above is an interview with Shimazaki Nobunaga in JUNON magazine, a pretty popular magazine for teenage girls / young women, which always features tons of “ikemen” lol.

Zakki is explaining that a lot of people does indeed think of him as “dog-like”. 

And of course, Zakki being Zakki, just had to mention his beloved senpai.

 He says that in a certain radio show, Suzuki Tatsuhisa, told him that “You are my dog!" and Zakki replied with a "Woof!"… and not only that he’s also saying that Tattsun is such a precious senpai of his, that’s why being told that he’s Tattsun’s dog makes him feel that he’s loved by Tattsun, and even if that mean’s he’s Tattsun’s dog, it’s all fine…

I reposted this clip because it was the aforementioned “certain radio show”. I just felt the need to share with you guys ww


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